It was during her studies at the Beaux-Arts de Tours (France) that Anne-Laure Adam integrated a camera into her artistic approach for the first time, which until then had been mainly focused on painting. “For me, painting and photography are inseparable, I practise them at the same time,” she explains. “They are two passions that allow me to fully express myself.” Settled in the Savoie region of France for about fifteen years now, she has photographed Lake Annecy very often, in the early morning or evening, in fog or mist, preferably at times favourable to melancholy or meditation: “I’m a fan of chiaroscuro, the revelation of light through darkness,” she explains. “I was greatly inspired by the work of Pierre Soulages, James Turrel, or Edward Hopper for the solitary aspect.” She would now like to try her hand at nocturnal photography, with the same leitmotiv: “To transport the viewer into a calm world, suitable for contemplation and introspection, to better appreciate their surroundings.”  ... See more See less