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The Godfather of Soul

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When James Brown was imprisoned at the age of 16 for an armed attack, he met the singer Bobby Byrd during a baseball match between the prison team and an outside team. On his release from prison at 19 years old, Brown joined the rhythm and blues group The Avons. The singer very rapidly stole the limelight from the other members of the group. From 1963 with the group renamed the Flames, James Brown had a series of successes and hits in the R? n ?B ratings. At the same period the artist began to turn to funk. By the end of the ?70s, James Brown had acquired star status. He was a forerunner in many domains and even the invention of rap is attributed to him. At the end of the ?80s, The Godfather of Soul had trouble with the law which took him back to prison for 3 years. Until his death in 2006, he continued recording and performing for the public.

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