david degelin

Sweetest Decline


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Bruxelles, Belgique, Europe


Why photography ?
I wanted to be a graphic artist, however I noticed that drawing with light using a camera worked much better for me than holding a pencil.

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Art in general and ev...

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About the artwork

The exploration of the combined concepts of solitude and beauty is the central theme of David Degelin's work. For the artist, solitude can lead to moments of reflection, meditation and even happiness, while for others, solitude rhymes with sorrow and suffering. He thus explores the beauty he perceives through portraits rich in references and teachings.


"The initial idea was to take a photo in the square in front of Brussels South station, but when I got back to my car, I discovered the broken light in the parking lot, which created some very mystical lighting conditions. On the spot, I decided to replace the original concept with a new one, created in my car. It features Siberian model Ekaterina Epifantseva, who occupies the entire space with her strong, confident presence. This contrasts with the fact that the above-ground shooting location is actually a place most women would avoid, as it's a bad neighborhood where women are often harassed. Ekaterina's provocative appearance was a photo opportunity we'd never have been able to pull off on the same site above ground. So it's a contradiction between the same underground location and a location on the surface. In a way, it's also a statement, because we should never accept that women are not safe wherever they are, a situation that has become worse in Brussels and needs to be fought."

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