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Beauty is given by the harmony of proportions, whether it is a body, an architecture or an image. Nature is chaotic only in appearance, the forms existing in the universe are irregular only in appearance. It is enough to observe a leaf: venation and serration show, on close observation, a perfect geometric pattern. All I do is to bring order to the composition, to create a balance of elements - light and dark, points, lines, planes and shapes. I visually deconstruct the scene, eliminating the superfluous, so that it matches my natural penchant for minimalism. Rosario Civello

About the artwork

This series by Rosario Civello s inspired by Vassily Kandinsky’s book Point and Line to Plane, in which the painter, then professor at the Bauhaus, details his theory of forms. The Italian photographer deconstructs a scene of skiing and mountain scenery: “By balancing each of the various elements, light, dark, points, lines or shapes, I bring order into the composition,” he explains. “I deconstruct the scene visually, evacuating superfluous elements to attain this minimalist language.”

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