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Black & white mountains

27 Photographs Black & white mountains

The grandeur of Mother Nature is beyond doubt.  ... See more See less


Black & white mountains 27 Photographs

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Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

The grandeur of Mother Nature is beyond doubt. At once capricious and wise, her unpredictable yet confident character can be perceived up hill and down dale. YellowKorner’s photographers capture mountainous masses, peaks rising skywards, and of course, mountain ranges. Numbered, selected, limited. It is with these terms that we describe this collection prepared by YellowKorner’s experts under the major theme of mountains. Towering above their surroundings, symbolising the power of nature , every mountain range once again proves the infinitesimal nature of humanity. From the north to the south of the globe, from Europe to Asia via the African continent, almost no mountain range is spared the crackle from the flashes of professional photographers such as Mark Fisher . A mountain shrouded in a mantle of snow remains a beautiful, vital spectacle. That is why Jean-François Hagenmuller concocted a number of photographs, all of which are set against the backdrop of a mountain in black and white: a fine mixture of shades of grey. As for Mathieu Ricard , he prefers to photograph the rooftops of the world, in the hour when the world itself is immersed in a deep slumber. With little or no pollution on the horizon, just the white of the snow for skiing that alerts the keen eyes of experts in landscape and nature photography. Whether you are an unconditional fan of the mountains of Europe or an admirer of the summits of Asia, take a visit to YellowKorner today. The photographic masterpieces by artist Marina Vernicos are currently available. As are photographs by Michael Schlegel . Stand out from the crowd by opting for dynamic yet restful interior decoration. This is what you can expect from a black-and-white mountain carefully placed on a wall.