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A wonderful tribute to women, the Red Supremacy series questions their position in society. Created by renowned photographer Diana Malinowska, the pictures stage perfection, dominance, but also the burden women share. Paradoxically, the various poses suggest both diversity and uniformity since they sport the same style and put up with orders.

The artist

Sequi Naturam (from the Latin meaning "to follow nature") is Belarusian artist Diana Malinowska's motto. A graduate in Visual Arts, she moved to Warsaw (Poland) and launched her photography career in 2007. She tried her hand at all genres and eventually specialised in fashion photography. Books, films, philosophy... Her sources of inspiration are numerous and eclectic. They fuel her colourful, poetic world and grace the advertising campaigns of the many brands that place their trust in her. Today, Diana Malinowska shares her time between personal artistic projects, commissions, and her activity as a photography teacher at the Warsaw Photography Academy. Her goal? To reveal the marvels that surround us.  ... See more See less

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