aurelien villette

Le temps de la nature 4

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Namibie, Afrique

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What is your proudest artistic moment?
That’s a tough question. Proving oneself through one’s work is complex, because often things emerge from our own desires and personality, in our personal life. So perhaps ...

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About the artwork

The city of Kolmanskop in Namibia is a former diamond mining city. It had a significant boom in the early twentieth century, before being entirely abandoned in 1954, when the diamond mines were eventually depleted. Since then, the city has become gradually buried by the sand in the Namib Desert. Today it is a ghost town in which a unique atmosphere reigns, and whose decor inspires many artists.


With his bewitching and peaceful photographs, Aurélien Villette helps us to reflect on the afterlife of buildings left to wrack and ruin. To do so, he plays with live elements during the shoot but also the lighting, enabling him to convey the emotions he felt as he took the shots.   

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