Le clan Satsuma

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A Venitian by birth he became a naturalized English subject, Beato was one of the first war reporters: of note he is the first to have photographed real corpses, a revolution in the way of thinking and for the profession. In 1863, Felice Beato opened his studio in Yokohama with the designer Charles Wirgman as partner. He was one of the first westerners to exert his talent in Japan. Felice Beato greatly influenced photographers who succeeded him i  ... See more See less

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Japan, about 1868The Boshin War, literally ' the War of the Year of the Dragon ', was a Japanese civil war which began in January 1868 during the reign of emperor Meiji, several months after the return of supreme power to the emperor, and which continued until May 1869. It was composed of the armies of the Satsuma, Choshu, Tosa clans and their allies on the one hand, close to the Emperor and on the other, the troops belonging to the Edo shogunal government and the clans which remained faithful to him.

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23 July 2015

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