Aurélien Villette

L'arche végétale

About this photograph

Although inspired by crumbling buildings, the photographer's subjects are not always relics abandoned by their inhabitants. They take us back to a bygone golden age and mostly symbolize a heritage doomed to disappear. Aur?lien Villette has travelled the world since 2008 looking for "the spirit" of each of the structures that he photographs. But what does that mean? He defines it as "A relational dynamic between material (sites, landscapes, buildings, objects) and intangible elements (memories, stories, rituals, festivals, know-how), the physical and the spiritual, that produce meaning." His travels have led him to sites devoid of any human presence that time has left by the wayside. The "Arche V?g?tale" is once again part of the photographer's almost obsessive, poetic and frantic search, in which he immortalizes the abandoned places he finds along his way. Here, nature is slowly taking over again, reclaiming spaces that seem to have been forgotten by civilization.

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The Artist
Aurélien Villette

Photographer Aurélien Villette questions the meaning and patrimonial value of ancient abandoned buildings. While the latter represent an era in architectural history, they also bear witness to the specific history of a country, a region or a civilisation. The remains left in these sites are the chronological markers of an era. Ruins become both objects of contemplation and meditation.

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