sebastien grebille


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About the artwork

When he sets out to find new landscapes, Sébastien Grébille looks for the same intense, lyrical and dramatic atmospheres as those that he interprets on a daily basis in classical music. He gives nature the freedom of expressing itself before his lens of its own accord. With his medium-format camera, the photographer uses the technique of long exposure in order to envelope panoramas with elements of textural density such as clouds, the murky undulations of the sea are intensified and the highly contrasted trees appear to spring out of the photographic paper. The artist gives his photographs a unique depth. Faced with these landscapes with tortured skies, he finds a visual bridge in them between the music of Mahler or Brahms and the atmosphere that reigns there. In black and white, these sites become pure, natural, full of emptiness and solitude, placing spectators in the midst of an enchanting encounter with the world around them.

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