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Paris, France, Europe

The thematics of the artwork

I have been practicing photography since I was a teenager, but I also loved to draw. I decided to move on to digital portraiture in order to be able to convey more "feeling" through a more detailed technique thanks to digital drawing. "Fond of dark colors, I wanted to test the digital drawing on a black background. The digital format allows for greater precision than traditional drawing, and is thus closer to the photographic aspect." Valentin BETTING

About the artwork

At the heart of the creation of this series, there is obscurity! Out of a black background, Valentin Betting makes his models suddenly appear, illuminating the canvas. The gentle and minimalist result delivers a poetic contrast between the atmosphere of the work and the sweetness of the subjects.


« When making Filigranes , I started from a portrait base of an unknown woman with the goal of conveying the mystery she exudes. Then, I let my arm and my joints make their own movements to finalize the contours. I found myself in a quiet atmosphere on an autumn evening, a season conducive to nostalgia. In the end, I was left with a soft, uncluttered rendering that I didn't see coming, but which perfectly reflected the moment.»

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