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Paris, France, Europe

I have been practicing photography since I was a teenager, but I also loved to draw. I decided to move on to digital portraiture in order to be able to convey more "feeling" through a more detailed technique thanks to digital drawing. "Fond of dark colors, I wanted to test the digital drawing on a black background. The digital format allows for greater precision than traditional drawing, and is thus closer to the photographic aspect." Valentin BETTING

About the artwork

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. However, even if this belief guides most of his creations, Valentin Betting wanted to extricate himself from it for one portrait. By disregarding the gaze, using random spurts of paint, he gives this woman with her eyes closed a look full of satisfaction.


1.«We tend to say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. This is an element I like to relate to in my portraits. This time, I wanted to lose myself by abstracting the gaze in this realization. The closed eyes, and struck by this gracefulness to the random sprays of paint give this unknown woman a look of satisfaction."

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