pranab basak

Colors of life

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Shilabati River, Inde, Asie

About the artwork

Pranab Basak has just one desire: to capture the moment. That moment when water and life form a work of art and tell a story. That unique moment that will transport the viewer thousands of kilometres away, to discover a different way of life.


Unlike the majority of women in the rest of India, those in the village of Gangani, west of Calcutta, West Bengal, are often the hostesses and breadwinners.

Every day, they fish with traditional nets, which they have made themselves, before selling their catch in local markets. The low water level helps to optimize fishing as the algae that accumulates attracts a variety of fish and shrimp.

These women fought a lot for their autonomy and formed mutual aid circles, like here.

It is one of the most impressive examples of female emancipation that I have seen.


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