ruslan lobanov


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About the artwork

Each image by Ruslan Lobanov is a nude and the photograph's accompanying staging is highly sophisticated. His mentor, the nonconformist artist Helmut Newton, initiator of what has been called "porno chic" in photography affirmed "Nothing is more revealing than nudity, even when it's dressed." By exploiting a savvy combination of nonchalance and seduction, this citation applies perfectly to the photographer's unique body of work. His originality stems from the mystery of the elements he develops and the female nudity that is harmoniously combined with collectable accessories, handmade costumes, and carefully selected locations. Dressed in light clothing or partially undressed, the model featured in this photograph appears to want to invite the spectator to approach. With perfectly mastered lighting, beautifully reproducing the atmospheres of the 1960, "Blue Moon" has an underlying narrative dimension. Despite the provocative character of his work, Ruslan Lobanov defends a symbol, that of women's beauty and freedom.

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