igor vasiliadis

Belle Epoque Flair

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«I love the equipment and technologies employing long exposures. This allows model’s soul to break out from the momentary world of emotions and appear in all its multifaceted beauty. All the mystics brought by silver and cyanides create the world of mystery. They can be seen only during rear momentary lapses of reason, when we drop out of reality. » IGOR VASILIADIS

About the artwork

Russian photographer Igor Vasiliadis is passionate about the techniques of the past. The dark tone, artefacts of dried emulsion, and all the magic of silver and cyanides… This marvellous concoction lends an air of mystery to the Russian artist’s images. A fan of movement, he prolongs exposure times, thus enabling the soul of the model to leave the world of fleeting emotions and appear with stark simplicity.

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