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About the Artist

About the artwork

Laurent Dequick once again moves away from the traditional representation that we have of landscapes around us in order to present a highly poetic vision. As an eye-witness of the contemporary city, he knows its slightest fluctuations and it is on his escapades around the world that he captures many of the monuments, settings, and sites that have been the undisputed witnesses of history and of the radiating influence of the countries he traverses. This image is taken from his 2017 series on the city of Beijing. Laurent Dequick captures one of the most emblematic sites of the Chinese capital, the antique sellers? street, Liulichang, spanning 800 metres and located southwest of Tiananmen Square. This street became famous in the Qing dynasty, when candidates for the imperial examination travelled there to find their supplies. It was a meeting place for researchers, painters, and calligraphers. Its name, however, dates from the Yuan dynasty and comes from the factory that varnished the tiles that were found in the Forbidden City during this period.

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