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Dating from 2015, the Flowers series presents fourteen species of plants and flowers shot in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Polina Sova’s seductive images seem to echo Georgina O’Keefe’s floral paintings. A key artist of American modernism, besides her pioneering foray into pictorial abstraction, she offers a unique example of feminine expression. Polina Sova seems to follow in the footsteps of the famous painter. In her picture collages, she evokes women’s power, plant life, and sexuality, playing on perfect symmetry, a reduced palette, and the exaggerated size of the elements. The photographer evokes legends from Greek mythology in the titles of her images. ”Aphrodite” is the goddess of love and sexuality. Assimilated with Venus in Roman mythology, she has been the subject of great interest since the Renaissance.

“The mystery that the flowers brings, the complexity of colors, textures, and diversity in the botanical world grabbed me.”



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