Bewitching landscapes, perfumed scents, and the traditions of a bygone age: let yourself be enchanted by an entrancing journey through this selection of photographs and discover the most beautiful pearls of Asia in a riot of colours and scents, guided by our photographers Matthieu Ricard, Pascal Mannaerts, and Tuul and Bruno Morandi.

Matthieu Ricard

Spiritual Photographer

While Tibet is an inexhaustible source of wealth for Buddhist monks, it is also an inexhaustible source of beauty for photographers. Living in Tibet since 1972 and serving as a French interpreter to the Dalai Lama, Mathieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk and photographer. He combines the grandiose beauty of the Himalayas and a very special atmosphere in his photos, filling all those who contemplate them with a surprising sense of serenity.


Traveller Photographer

In this series, Bernhard Hartmann concentrates on forgotten gardens and moves away from the sumptuous spectator-less interiors by revealing a world open to the sky. The melancholy images of Bernhard Hartmann come as a result of his frenetic, nearly obsessional, yet poetic research as he immortalises abandoned sites found during his travels . Here, nature retakes its hold little by little, invading the spaces which seem to have been forgotten by civilization. These spaces defy time, welcoming the silence that comes only after humanity has disappeared.


A Shared Love of Travel

Fans of Asia, , Tuul and Bruno Morandi never tire of exploring the natural treasures of the continent.. Their favourite countries remain Nepal, where Bruno Morandi speaks the language, and Mongolia, where Tuul was born and where she loves to roam the immense steppes. However, the photographs that they create are not only invitations to travel, they also encourage us to meditate on the fragile beauty of our environment, whether it be human, natural, or cultural.

About the artwork

Great fans of Asia, Tuul and Bruno Morandi explore exotic lands, testifying to the fragile beauty of our environment. After growing up on the Mongolian steppes, Tuul became a photojournalist and joined Bruno Morandi, an international reporter of Franco-Italian origins and former guide. The two photographers have travelled extensively together, capturing majestic landscapes. Woman on the Stairs II was taken in Jaipur, an old fortified city and the gateway to Rajasthan, which is nicknamed the pink city for the colour that unifies its architecture.