Within these unique locations in which light barely penetrates, scenes are created depicting golden rays or offering highlighted canopies. It seems almost unbelievable to think that nature can offer such a sensitive and powerful backdrop.

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The most beautiful forest shots to decorate your home

The world of the forest often brings to mind childhood and the magical world of fairy tales. Imagine yourself in a green forest, with acres of woodland, as you walk on a path lined with trees, the light is just right as the sun's rays are peeking through the treetops, it’s the perfect moment to take a landscape photograph, you just have to blink in order to capture an amazing image. The previous sentence illustrates the complexity of taking beautiful forest photos and why professional photographers must have complete control over the balance of whites, the depth of field and the rules of composition. It seems almost unbelievable to think that nature can offer such a sensitive and powerful backdrop in any season - spring, summer, autumn, winter.

The forest presents itself as an unpredictable landscape of great scope, enough to make any person feel small and humbled. Through their experienced eyes, the photographers selected by YellowKorner observe nature, through walks in the forest, to try to reveal its many secrets. Nature photography has the advantage of giving free rein to the imagination of each artist. The artist has to work with high trees, the sun through the forest, the rays of light, the leaves, the tree tops, and many other factors to obtain beautiful forest images.

There are as many variations to this kind of photography as there are forests: Amazonian forests, misty forests, Broceliande forests, tropical forests, coniferous forests, Fontainebleau forests, pine forests, mossy idyllic forests…

A few words on our professional photographers

This magical place opens the doors to another world else where everything seems possible, everything seems different Within a decor, forest photography inevitably leaves you with a sense of wonder. Every observer will see and create their own universe within it. It is a very personal photograph, both from the viewpoint of the observer and the photographer.

Indeed, each artist brings a unique perspective to the flora by varying the way they shoot, the techniques and the timing. For example, the famous photographer Janek Sedlar likes to make trees dance. He captures close-up shots in which the tree trunks look like frail, moving silhouettes within a soft and colourful light. The photographer plays with the influx of light into poorly lit undergrowth to emphasise the magic of these remote locations.

As for Adam Burton, he enjoys playing with the passage of time. He freezes the forest crossed by waterways to offer surprising, almost fluid, shots. The immense and lofty forests are captured from the inside, from the point of view of a human, very small in front of the immensity of the foliage climbing towards the blue sky. But fauna and flora can also be captured in many other ways. By day and by night, photographers observe the delicate opening of flower petals or the colouring of foliage in the autumnal forest.

Marc Adamus likes to place the forest and nature within a larger frame. He creates broader shots, offering mountainous backgrounds enhanced by the colours of the flora. He thus anchors this often dreamlike world more firmly within a familiar reality. Let yourself be carried away towards the discovery of forests, to the wildest spots, in search of adventure and beauty through this limited and numbered edition collection of photographs by YellowKorner, available in several formats and finishes.

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