Virgil Reglioni


Working at a desk was never a dream for Virgil Reglioni. After a childhood and adolescence spent in a little village in the Isère, he left business school before graduating to travel the world with his backpack. After a first experience in Australia, he became a nature guide and crossed the world organising trips to Greece or Lapland or on the glaciers of Iceland. Each time, of course, he caught with his camera the fabulous landscapes that he showed and made that his specialty. Settled now for a few years in Norway, he is today one of 32 world experts on the Northern Lights and organizes photography courses “chasing” this natural yet particularly difficult to catch Polar Circle phenomenon: “A photo of the Northern Lights requires hours of waiting, in the wind, the cold, without ever knowing what will happen” he explains. The photos of Virgil Reglioni are today well-known and have been noticed in some of the world’s biggest festivals. In January 2021, three of his photos received awards at the Tokyo International Foto Awards.  ... See more See less