Sasha Kuzovkov started photography in the 2010s. Living in Omsk, in the heart of Russia, several kilometres north of the border with Kazakhstan, he very naturally started to capture the grandiose landscapes around him. Even today, he regularly sets out in his car to the remotest parts of Central Asia for his reportages. Alongside his photographic activity, Sasha Kuzovkov became interested in video production. He joined the ISS Art-Media studio, a branch of the eponymous Russian company, specialising in the design of software and AI. The studio affirms a very ethical approach and hopes to show both the problems pertaining to contemporary society and the solutions to resolve them. Sasha Kuzovkov is now a film director. His series Middle Ages is a personal photo project, it is perfectly aligned with this desire to use art to question consumer society and its environmental consequences.  ... See more See less