Behind the Scenes at Car Races

Whether it be sports cars, vintage or more modern cars, on a circuit or in the studio, car photography has always been of interest. YellowKorner presents a series of car photographs for the fans of these four-wheeled machines. Relive powerful moments from F1 racing thanks to the images of the Grand Prix Photo label and discover Olivier Lavieille vintage cars.



Entering his world is a bit like travelling back in time. Olivier Lavieille presents cinematographic photographs that were often taken in the United States. At service stations or abandoned on verges, he stops to take photographs of automobiles that are living testaments to an amazing era. Nostalgic for the 1940s to 1970s, he applies the colours of the era to his photographs.

“I am contemplative and my camera conveys my vision, no more, no less.”

Car Racing


Passionate about cars and Formula 1, Danish photographer Peter Nygaard travelled to the Grand Prix as soon as he graduated. To date, he has covered more than 500 Grand Prix! His photography studio Grand Prix Photo offers a remarkable collection of photos from over seventy years of F1, which is now the ruling category of automotive sport. Here, at the starting line of the 1957 Grand Prix in Pescara (Italy), an immaculate red Maserati, mechanics in overalls and berets, and a driver in shirt sleeves!

"It’s the history that makes Formula 1 unique […] Only Formula 1 has been in existence for 65 years." 



Stephane Gil stages cars not for their function but for their aesthetic. Set against a dark and cold monochromatic background, he highlights the sculptural and artistic side of his models. Intrigued by the mechanical beauties of the twentieth century, Stéphane Gil creates a series of digital images based on legendary or entirely invented models.



Ferrari 328

Amaury Dubois trained in the graphic arts in Belgium. His photographic style is characterised by the assemblage of photographs cut out into a single image, a style that he calls “curvature”. Each of his photographs consists of several dozen images of details, brought together to form a single overall subject. He thus confers a new temporal dimension to his works and deforms the viewer’s field of vision. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, and the United States. His recent series on cars was presented during the forty-first Salon Rétromobile de Paris.

“As much as the creation of visuals, what I found fascinating was the preparation. I mean, discovering discreet and secret collections, discovering these cars of yesteryear, having the chance to see them up close.”


Gamma Agency

A photography agency founded in 1966, it embodies the highest standards of photojournalism. Some of its contributors also worked elsewhere in the sports press, capturing the victories of famous athletes in black and white. One of the three most prestigious races in the world: the Monaco Grand Prix. The Roland Garros, considered one of the four tennis tournaments. The Tour de France in 1948. And finally, a baseball match, which is a sport greatly appreciated by Americans.