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Last ride for james

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I work on models that inspire me, that are beautiful to me. I can't drive, I never knew how to, which may be the last straw for some people, but maybe that's also why I see cars from that angle." "Industrial design can be sculptural, just beautiful, apart from any other consideration." STEPHANE GIL

About the artwork

Stéphane Gil enjoys playing mind tricks through his art. Through this series, the artist merges photorealism with graphics to highlight the sleek contours of these wheeled sculptures. His aim is to get the viewer to forget the practicality of the object, to concentrate on its forms and let aesthetic value triumph over utilitarianism. This is achieved through a monochromatic, dark, cold, and barren backdrop from which the model appears, bright, detailed, and immaculate.


This series is the result of 2 years of development and research. Researching materials, modeling and transcribing models, improving details, etc. The goal was to make something both photorealistic and graphic. I wanted to make clean profiles, real sculptures on wheels, so that we forget that we are dealing with an object that rolls and be subjugated by the line

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