Fairy tale nature

After a long winter's sleep, spring will soon arrive and nature will once again unfold. Immerse yourself in a soft and fairytale world captured by Ohkuchi, Didier Claes, Ava&K and other prestigious artists.

juxtapositions of landscapes


Fascinated by the impressionists and in particular the work of Claude Monet, his photos are juxtapositions of landscapes. He arranges his flowers and modifies the colours according to his inspirations with an infinite number of variations. Fascinated by impressionist painting, Didier Claes defines his work as "the transformation of digital images based on flowers and landscapes where research into framing, light and colour is paramount".



The artist Ohkuchi uses macro photography, a technique that immerses you in a larger-than-life environment. With the objective of immortalizing the imaginary world of his childhood, he captures the world through the eyes of a tiny creature. The unique and colourful result allows viewers to discover a whole new world.

"One day I would like to take pictures of miniature worlds in countries all over the world. I'm sure each country has its own characteristics in the miniature world too."


Luis Mariano Gonzalez is very involved in photography: he takes photos, organizes exhibitions and remains very active within photo networks on the internet. In parallel with his work in the world of cinema, he does macro photography work, favoring nature and landscapes. The Spanish artist thus diverts the plant shapes and colors from their initial environment to achieve a new and mysterious subjectivity.

Augmented image


K is a French visual artist. In her portraits or landscapes, she challenges the norms and does not hesitate to mix disciplines. In opposition to digital retouching, she gives her works the spontaneity of craftsmanship. She embellishes her photographs with textures, paint, markers, felt pens, cut-outs, to create a new form of augmented image. In constant collaboration with many photographers, she never ceases to propose new unique compositions embellished with her colourful style. In this series, she collaborates with Ava. At the crossroads of the plastic and digital arts, this original collaboration is at the origin of a series of original and explosive works.

Flora and Fauna


Discover the "imaginary animals" of Charles Groc de Salmiech. Among them, meet the flowering red ibis, the sleeping giraffe, the big chief lion in deep thought, the curious Watusi, and the enchanted Jaguar. As a wildlife photographer, he wants to share the way he perceives the fauna and flora around him. Discover the "imaginary animals" of Charles Groc de Salmiech. More than just a series of photographs, the imaginary animals gradually become the inhabitants of a magical universe in which the animal meets the fantastic and the surreal.

"Imaginary animals are above all a feeling, an emotion, the retranscription of animal beauty in images".



Bernhard Hartmann started his career at the age of 18. He became a landscape photographer using his parents' Polaroid camera. He creates dramatic and cinemascopic images. He prefers to photograph places where the arts are practiced and expressed and thus presents series on opera houses, theaters, libraries and other historical public spaces.