Didier Claes


Didier Claes was born in 1965 in a little city in Belgium, at the heart of an iron and steel basin. From a humble background, he had a difficult childhood and adolescence in which his taste for drawing and artistic disciplines was disapproved of. He nevertheless managed to enrol at an art school and later studied architecture, in 1993. After a period of burnout, he returned to his initial passion: images and digital transformation. “It all started with a dream,” he explains. “I was flying above a mountain where I had a view over an incredible landscape. A dream of the world like Monet’s garden. It is this landscape that inspires my work today.” Fascinated by the Impressionists and particularly the work of Claude Monet, his photos are juxtapositions of landscapes: “I work in successive layers on a basic landscape,” he says. “A bit like filters, but with flowers.” He arranges his flowers and modifies the colours according to his inspiration, with infinite variations and, in the end, an ultimate hope: “One day maybe I’ll be able to do just one photo with all of my images, as a way of imitating the dream I had.”  ... See more See less

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