Wild and majestic, these felines rule the jungle and the world of wildlife photography. In search of rarity, YellowKorner photographers offer you an eloquent collection in this theme, highlighting the power and beauty of the tiger.

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Our Finest Photographs of Tigers, in Limited Edition

An emblematic wild animal, the tiger is inspiring for both its beauty and ferocity. These felines, respected by all in their jungle home, are true forces of nature and rival lions for the role of king of the beasts. YellowKorner’s wildlife photographers offer you a theme close to nature, transporting you directly to Southeast Asia, where you will hear the cry of orangutangs or the trumpeting of elephants. These images, available in limited edition, will give intensity to a white background and lend character to your interior. Easily recognisable by its striped skin, the tiger is a divine figure that has fascinated hearts and minds for centuries. Its profound gaze is a source of inspiration for professional photographers.

The Wildlife Photographers in Love with Tigers

Armed with their cameras, our wildlife photographers capture the power and grace of these wild beasts. This theme presents exceptional images of tigers in their natural environment or against a black background, as in the work of photographer Pedro Jarque Krebs. His portraits shed light on the power of the tiger, while highlighting the unsettling calm of these wild animals. Artist Guillaume Dutreix or Paul Fuentes opt for a more colourful framework, offering you artistic and modern photographs of tigers to decorate your interior.

White tiger, Bengal tiger, or Malaysian tiger, these majestic creatures are a mythical figure of the animal world and fascinate all nature-loving photographers.True kings of camouflage, their black-striped fur enables them to blend into nature, thus making this discipline difficult and risky in the photography world. Mainly present in Asian regions, the rarity of this animal allows us to appreciate all the more the splendour of the photographic prints of tigers that our artists present.

In mounted or framed prints, enjoy secure payment and free returns within fifteen days.

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