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Among all the subjects that he has had to photograph, Ludwig Favre has a particular fondness for the city of New York and the vast landscapes of the United States. Particularly appreciating the low rays of the evening and morning, in the golden hours, the artist applies a somewhat nostalgic, soft tonality to his photographs that evokes the passage of time. He travels to the working-class neighbourhoods of the American megalopolis and captures the emblematic sites and monuments. This photograph reveals the elegant architecture of the historic establishment The Knickerbocker, housed in a building built in 1906, with a Victorian façade. Opened by John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912), this place was a key locale for big celebrities in Manhattan. Politicians, musicians, artists, and bosses love to meet there in the evening. In the footsteps of avant-gardist Ernst Haas, who transformed New York into a legendary city with his first colour photographs in the 1950s, Ludwig Favre helps us to experience the excitement of the megalopolis in search of the American way of life.

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