juliette jourdain


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About the artwork

The makeup, shooting, post-production, often the pose… Juliette Jourdain works at the heart of the creative process from start to finish. Born in 1991, she is based in Paris, where she practises the art of studio portraiture. Internationally renowned, she excels in the staging of her models. Her credo? Never shrink before the wildest of ideas. Her inspirations? Cinema, music, and painting, particularly for the emotion emanating from them.


This photograph is a self-portrait of Juliette Jourdain. She started making self-portraits before she even joined her
photography school. It was a way for her to train, with a lot more freedom than with a model. In the end, the photographer
start to like it, and decided to create a large series over several years, composed only of self-portraits. She manages the
entire process (make-up, shooting, post-production etc.).

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