Ivan Kovalev


Born in Kostroma, a former royal estate located in the north of the Russian capital, Ivan Kovalev is a Physics graduate. In 2014, when he bought his first reflex camera, a whole new adventure opened up for him. He developed his knowledge of the Eighth Art and experimented with the possibilities offered by post-production. Less than a year later, he embarked on a collaboration with Julia Valérie, a professional make-up artist who, like him, hopes to surpass the framework of commercial “standards”. Together, they create photographic art projects of a new kind and have won numerous top awards at national and international contests, including the renowned Trierenberg Super Circuit. The artist says “One day, we tried to create images directly on the model using make-up and paint. We liked the result so much that now, years later, we can’t stop! This process is incredibly exciting.”  ... See more See less