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About the artwork

Qingjian Meng presents his series “Gold Rush” based on anachronisms between period and object. Produced in 2016 in the United States, the series presents models in period costume that look as though they’ve sprung from the canvases of the masters. It is difficult for the spectator to differentiate between painting and photography in this savvy combination of purity and insolence. The photographer nonetheless distinguishes his work through a highly contemporary approach, by integrating elements derived from daily life into his photographs that conspicuously disrupt our reading of them. The models, who at first appear natural, possess the latest high-tech objects. Drones, Bluetooth earpieces, or videogame joysticks are introduced into the overall composition. Through his photographic concept that brings periods into collision, the Californian artist aspires to create a dialogue between generations, wishing to combine genres and show that the economic motivations of Americans in the mid-19th century are the same as those of our contemporaries.

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