laurent baheux

Lion sur son rocher

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Trees are like living beings to me, none is alike, and their beauty is that they do not pretend to be something other than a tree. Trees and forests are very relaxing and the older and bigger they get, the more respect they enforce. My goal is to respectfully portray them in their old strength and timeless energy. LAURENT BAHEUX

About the artwork

This photograph is part of the 'LAND OF LIONS' series, an extract from the best by photographer Laurent BAHEUX. Laurent intends to show us, the remaining parts of this Africa, one that existed before the arrival of white men, the last traces of a life-size world, entirely dedicated to the animal kingdom, sometimes gentle, often cruel, just as strong as it is vulnerable. His quest immortalises ephemeral moments that Nature wants to offer him, like many precious marvels. Laurent provides a vision of animal beauty which resounds in each of us. Which he refuses to allow to disappear?

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