Hive City 102


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Madrid, Espagne, Europe

Photography has always been there, it has been with me since I started college. Photography as an instrument to tell the story of the idea of a project, as an expression of this idea or as an aesthetic element in the narration of this idea of architecture. Photography as an aesthetic element in the narration of that architectural idea." "Architecture led me to photography, photography gave me back my passion for the city and architecture multiplied by a thousand." LIZUAIN

About the artwork

A professional architect, the Spanish photographer Lizuain brings at once a loving and critical gaze to bear on big cities and the “beehive buildings” of the 1960s–70s. He uses blurring effects, long exposure times, or camera movement: “I’ve always envied painters who can remove what doesn’t satisfy them with a brush,” he explains. “So I often use my camera a bit like a paintbrush.”

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