Delirious NY05

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New-York, États-Unis, Amérique

I am passionate about the city, urbanism and the urban landscape. Photography and artistic creation are only means to express what I find fascinating, beautiful or disturbing in the reality we live in." LIZUAIN

About the artwork

A professional architect, the Spanish photographer Lizuain brings at once a loving and critical gaze to bear on big cities and the “beehive buildings” of the 1960s–70s. He uses blurring effects, long exposure times, or camera movement: “I’ve always envied painters who can remove what doesn’t satisfy them with a brush,” he explains. “So I often use my camera a bit like a paintbrush.”


The DeliriousNY series is about the image we perceive of cities. Everybody (or almost) is able to recognize it at a glance... but few are able to go into the details, that's why I'm interested in the global idea, in reality the memory is enormously blurred, it's a yes but no... from an artistic point of view it's something that always intrigued me, to abstract very recognizable images, to blur, photography allowed me to express these ideas with a camera movement, a long exposure... I think they express quite well the contemporary way of life, looking everywhere without stopping too much at the details, the confusion of big cities, the noise, the noise, the mix, the continuous movement of its streets... etc.

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