Epure - Panthéon

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Paris, France, Europe

About the artwork

Laurent Dequick, a professional architect, often showcases buildings and architectural heritage in his photos. Here, he goes further by integrating blueprints of each building, these line drawings that represent all of the proportions of the various dots or lines of a figure. “This is the crux of architecture: between the idea and the construction,” he explains. “It all starts with a line, and from the line form must emerge.” It is the search for the perfect harmony of forms, materials, symbols, and uses.”


Visible from numerous parts of Paris, the Panthéon’s dome actually conceals three in-built domes: The interior dome, with chambers and an opening at its centre with an oculus to let in the light; 
The intermediary dome, painted and visible through the opening of the interior dome supports the lantern-turret weighing over five tonnes; 
The dome, visible from the outside and made of lead-covered stone.

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