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A photographer inspired by the relationships between people and places, John Wright treats his subjects with an elegance that captures their personality in a singular manner. His brilliant artistic career has traversed many genres. He made his name through fashion portraiture and regularly collaborates with emblematic brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, also providing images for publishing giants such as Vanity Fair and GQ. A master of staging, John Wright is inspired by the world of cinema to produce his vibrant and playful compositions. Checkmate was taken in London in 2017 and describes the solitude and boredom of a female character stretched out on a couch. Using irony, many details in the image echo one another like a mise en abyme. The zebra stripes of the couch also refer to the contemporary painting hanging on the wall, while the black-and-white tones that repeat the pelt of the wild animal are used on the floor, alluding to a life-sized game of chess.

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