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Created in 1927, Keystone was the first big photo press agency to have international offices (London, Berlin, New York, etc?). Since its creation, it has produced a number of stories covering the four corners of the world and all types of subjects (arts, sciences, everyday life, industry, great political, sporting and cultural events). Numerous collections were also acquired allowing a collection to be built up of more than 15 million photographs which show history, personalities and arts over a period from antiquity to this day and age (1985). From the Russian Revolution to the advent of the Third Reich, from the First World War to the Camp David Accords, the essence of the 20th century is illustrated in the Keystone collection.His photograph :In a career spanning 50 years, Louis Armstrong, cornet and trumpet player, singer and composer, had a considerable and incomparable influence on the world of jazz. A virtuoso trumpeter, he had a unique sound and mastered the art of improvisation to perfection. Armstrong may also be considered the inventor of vocal jazz. His very distinctive voice is due to an oedema and hypertrophy of his false vocal cords. His charisma as public character is such that some of his musical skills were relegated to the background. About him Miles Davies said: ?As soon as you blow into an instrument, you know that you can produce nothing that Louis hasn?t already done.

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