Enter a new dimension in which magic and candour merge, in the world of Mina Mimbu and the poetic touch and emotions of Alastair Magnaldo.
The artists in this selection present imaginary landscapes in creative and unexpected ways. They demonstrate that beyond its strictly mimetic function, photography can also be a representational tool to create playful fantasy worlds.

A Mysterious World

Mina Mimbu

Mina Mimbu is inspired by the magnificent panorama of the Pacific as much as by the innocent charm of childhood to create poetic images full of gentle magic. The thousands of balloons presented in this image, Rainbow, symbolise joy and encourage the viewer to share it with those who need it.

Coupled with the magnificent and elusive landscapes of the Pacific, she leaves the spectator with the irresistible desire to reconnect with their inner child.

A Journey to Slumberland

Nocturnal Photography

“I’d like to show the romantic side of life through my works.” – Christine Ellger

These poetic and abstract images by Nicole Holz are achieved using long exposure effects and slow movements with her camera, allowing her to render the invisible visible, by freezing time.

“… like a journey into places that don’t exist. The places of my dreams, desire, imagination and fears.” – Michael Karcz

Poetry and Emotions

Fictional Photography

Far from traditional photographic moments, the images of Alastair Magnaldo describe poetic moments in which emotions and dimensions shift. Through his original work, the author evades the viewer, through worlds in which dreams reign supreme.


Natural Photography

“With very childlike glee, I placed sheep on a mountain […] The pleasure of naive, childlike, and joyous representations dominates.” – Christine Ellger

“This hobby helps me perceive beauty. All the time, often subconsciously, I am looking for subjects. I track down and collect beautiful images.” – Christine Ellger

Dreams and Imagination

Abstract Photography

“Digital tools allow me to explore new dimensions in image creation, giving me greater freedom in my work.” – Igor Vitomirov