To celebrate International Women’s Day, symbolising women’s struggle in their quest for rights and equality, YellowKorner is delighted to present women photographers who have immortalised imagery in the world of fashion, wildlife, but also the urban world.



Juliette Jourdain is a young French photographer based in Paris, specialising in portraits and staged scenes. In a set arranged as a studio, her models give her their all, between extravagant and sophisticated poses, involving the construction of surrealist scenarios. Her self-portraits aim to create characters oscillating between fantasy and elegance and also questioning the representation of women in contemporary society.
She is inspired by drawing, film, and music.

“A women can be anything she wants to be and that’s OK. Beautiful, provocative, less beautiful, extravagant, austere, or brazen.”


AS I SEE YOU: Anastasia Koval

Born in the Ukraine, Anastasia Koval had been exercising the profession of model for six years when her passion for photography began. Catwalks and photo shoots took her from one country to the next, where she systematically shared an apartment with her fellow models. Far from the habitual poses adopted by the models, Koval captures stolen moments and saw the images from her own feature film emerge… This was the start of her art project As I See You , a passion that became a personal means of expression.

She is in search of unexpected moments. Camera in hand, she captures stolen moments in order to tell stories whose endings form in the public’s imagination.



Lia Mstislavskaya, Russian photographer, captured her very first self-portraits with the goal of “having photos like the stars”. Lia Mistislavskaya is mainly known for her portraits, notably of women. Her photographs convey a hint of cinematography and inspire us to dig deeper into art itself. She taught herself online, frequenting the milieu of underground culture and regularly publishing her photos on her Instagram account.

A rather secretive and fiercely independent personality, Lia Mstislavskaya likes to say that her photographs are “like a bar: you’ll always find cigarette, wine, and women in them!”

“My favourite subject is a timeless, powerful woman, who is elegant, mysterious, and attractive.”



Nolwenn Hadet has never left her native Brittany except for the sensational expeditions she takes to the furthest reaches of the world. Born in 1973 in Morbihan, she has been passionate about photography since childhood.

Her photos are inseparable from her travels; from the vast plains of Botswana to the frozen surfaces of the Arctic ice floe, the planet is truly her playing field.

These animal photographs present a tender and joking vision of polar bears, the main victims of melting ice caps due to global warming.



Marie-Laure Vareilles has photographed people around the world for thirty years. Today, she uses this body of photographs to creates surprising montages. Her goal is for “each montage to become a story that anyone can make his or her own and use to tell his or her own story”, with the ever-present desire to feature men and women of all origins and to question “the uniformity of culture and thinking in the world”.



Born in Athens, Marie-Laure Vareilles is committed to honouring her homeland, for which she has great admiration. Thanks to her breath-taking aerial views, she captures the paradisical islands and mountainous panoramas which characterise Greece. From her first paintings in 2001, the artist has shown her work in London, New-York , Paris, and Monaco. She won the Sandro Botticelli prize in Florence and first prize from National Geographic.