Born in the Ukraine, Anastasia Koval embraced a career as a model at a very young age. Catwalks and photo shoots took here from one country to the next, where she systematically shared an apartment with her fellow models. This may seem like a banal detail, but it later proved very important. The young woman says: “I have always been surrounded by beauty, style, and different personalities. We spend a lot of time together preparing dinner, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and choosing our casting outfits. Absolutely ordinary for the other models, this daily routine was immensely beautiful for me – like a scene from a film.” Anastasia Koval had been exercising the profession of model for six years when her passion for photography began. Far from the habitual poses adopted by the models, Koval captures stolen moments and saw the images from her feature film start to emerge… This was the start of her art project As I See You, a passion that became a personal means of expression.  ... See more See less