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YellowKorner is proud to pay tribute to the famous artist Serge Gainsbourg, who would have been 90 years old today. Through his musical works, he became a reference of the French scene, but also internationally. His new, exclusive photographs are available in numbered limited edition in our galleries and on the website.

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Jane and Serge were THE legendary couple who marked the watershed years 1960-1970 in France and in English-speaking countries. A couple who did not hesitate to express all the power of their love through their sultry songs and revealed their vision of fashion through irreverent photographs.

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Serge Gainsbourg, YellowKorner gives you the chance to take advantage of an exclusive presale offer on these emblematic artworks featuring the icons Serge and Jane.

Jane Birkin will do us the great honour of personally signing the first 20 copies of the “June 70” photograph in the prestigious Large or Giant formats valid until 10 April, as a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg.

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The legendary couple Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg made a big impression. Seductive figures, the two artists evoke passion and taboos, sweeping us up in Serge’s musical world with singular charm. Both success and doubts are intertwined in “Je t’aime… moi non plus” which has remained and will remain forever etched in the collective memory.

Photographed by the photographic legend Bert Stern for Vogue magazine, Jane and Serge strike a pose in a series of images that are at once artistic and intimate, thus offering us a window into their happiness at its peak.

“I am a living legend, a few degrees above a star.”Serge Gainsbourg, Paris, 1st June 1970, Vogue

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It was in 1968 that the encounter between the two future lovers took place, when director Pierre Grimblat chose them to star in his film Slogan. br>The first interviews between Jane and Serge were a veritable fiasco. The hostility between the two actors was such that, to save his film, Pierre Grimblat took a risk that eventually paid off: he invited them both for dinner, leaving them to talk alone. That was how, after the meal and a trip to a nightclub, Gainsbourg and Birkin fell deeply in love with one another.

“Life is not worth living without love.” Serge Gainsbourg

Jane, who initially considered Serge to be “someone very complicated and arrogant”, discovered that this attitude was only a façade, that he was actually someone very “gentle, charming, and funny”. So began a love story that was to last for twelve years, one of the greatest romances of the twentieth century, the memory of which continues to ignite imaginations today.

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Meeting of 3 legends

It was in 1970 that Bert Stern, who was officiating for Vogue magazine, met the famous duo, who had not yet become a true emblem of erotic love and fashion. A legend of the photography world, Bert Stern notably took the last photograph of Marilyn Monroe in his famous series “The Last Sitting”, and he also created this series of timeless photographs, this immortalising the complicity and carefree happiness of a couple who had only just fallen in love.

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