Jonathan Walland was not yet 20 when he won, in 2018, the Photographer of the Year award from the English professional building organisation CIOB. The young Englishman started taking photos at 13 and their value exceeds his years. Once he left university, he moved to London as a photographer specialising in architecture and interiors. He works for architecture or design agencies. At the same time, he develops his personal projects and notably a very minimalist series of buildings against black backgrounds, with one motto: “minimalism in service to clarity”. Jonathan Walland’s aim is to keep the structural aspect of the building intact, while modifying the vision that we might have of it by playing on the lighting: “what I consider as non-essential is plunged into darkness,” he explains. The result is captivating and reflects the personality of an artist who defines himself as “meticulous, precise, and obsessive”. Nowadays, he exhibits in London, but also in Athens or Berlin and accumulates awards: in 2020, he was a finalist at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards.  ... See more See less