When he was a child, Thierry Vezon spent his holidays in the Camargue. This southern region of France is famous for its salt marshes and the biodiversity they harbour, naturally including its renowned pink flamingos. Now a professional photographer, Thierry Vezon has specialised in nature and wildlife photography since 2004. He regularly roams northern Europe in search of icy atmospheres, but tirelessly returns to Provence, the Languedoc, and of course, the Camargue. He frequently collaborates with French and international media (Terre Sauvage, Image et Nature, Géo, BBC Wildlife magazine, etc.) and has published a dozen books dealing with biodiversity and the art of nature, including Le flamant rose en Camargue (Alcide, 2020), Un voyage en hiver (Alcide, 2019), or Camargue entre ciel et terre (Alcide, 2018). In October 2021, he was invited to the Festival International Nature in Namur where his series A Winter in Colour was exhibited. “Photography allows me to testify to the beauty of nature and to share it,” he emphasises. “It is also a way of procuring emotions and therefore of raising awareness about biodiversity.”  ... See more See less