Born in 1985, it was at the age of 16 that French photographer Paul Tixier ventured out on his first solo trip along the coast of British Colombia. Fascinated by cold climates and high-latitudes regions, on this occasion he trained his eye for wildlife photography. A surprising encounter with orca was to mark the start of an atypical career. A marine biologist, he undertook many expeditions into the most remote parts of the globe, notably Alaska and Antarctica, bringing back captivating images. After spending several years in the midst of bears and wolves in the northern hemisphere, he recently went on a series of long campaigns in the heart of the 40th parallel south, experiencing particularly violent sea winds. His work has been presented in a number of publications (National Geographic, Nat?Images, Terre Sauvage) and exhibitions (in La Rochelle, Brenne and Namur), as well as earning him selections for festivals, notably the Festival International de la Photo Animalière de Montier-en-Der. He co-produced a documentary film Eqalusuaq, sur la piste des predateurs cachés [Eqalusuaq: on the trail of hidden predators] in 2015 and his first book Mers Australes [Southern Seas] was published the following year.  ... See more See less