Michel Temman has been a journalist for over 25 years. Passionate about Asia and Japan, he moved to Tokyo in the 2000s where he collaborated with the magazines Actuel and Le Nouvel Observateur and with the Capa agency. From 2002 to 2012, he was also the correspondent to Japan for the daily newspaper Libération, before moving to Shanghai where he created his own agency of editorial content, AT The Place To Be. Alongside his writing, he created photoreportages and documentaries for the various magazines he worked for or as personal projects. It was only recently that he accepted to share these photos with the public, which he has been working on for over ten years. Their colours have been exacerbated to the extreme ends of the spectrum, resulting in images on the border between photo and painting. Through these abstract photos, Michel Temman, after more than 25 years covering the news, aspires to take a salutary step back: “I’d like to invite myself to take a break,” he says, “and by the same token, invite others to rediscover a very slow pace, reflecting the idea of the immanence and impermanence of all things.”  ... See more See less