A journey into space in the company of exceptional photographers. An infinite canvas of stars… space. The element of the unknown, which no one seems to be able to take their eyes off. YellowKorner showcases space. Several artist-photographers want to invite us to look at space in different ways, without our “feet on the ground”.

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  • A street story

    Fifou: a "visual punchliner"

The most beautiful photos taken in space to hang at your place.

Space is magnified by photography. The stars are full of benevolence towards the whole of space. The moon gives way to the sun, to caress the world with its vivifying light. The sun later gives way to the moon, to provide reassuring glimmer in the dead of night. Photos from space fitting this description can be found in YellowKorner photo galleries. For a large range of photos of beautiful imagery, it is important to know your camera settings to manage the light. Photo s in the dark are hard to create, but the more specific the photographs are, the more clearly the satellites, stars and planets will appear.

The deep black allows us to see the expanse of space stretching infinitely onwards, from altitudes kilometres high, enabling us to obtain incredible photos of space. These include some of the latest space news, notably the six-month mission into space by Thomas Pesquet in 2021.

Discover Our Passionate Professional Space Photographers

Photographing the moonis a subject of fascination – as mystifying as it is mysterious – among many professional photographers, including Alastair Magnaldo. The artist-photographer reveals the dark side of the moon in one of his masterpieces.

He offers unique, breathtaking photographs of the sky : the highlights of space discovery. When the space theme is evoked, the first idea that springs to mind is: “the first steps of humankind on the moon…” At YellowKorner, you can also explore limited-edition photos of Neil Armstrong. Space, in images, is also the hallmark of Pete Conrad with his Alan Bean, Apollo 12.

If you particularly appreciate ornamental photographs that are a little out of the ordinary, the portfolio dedicated to space is perfect for you. Note that our space photographs are in limited numbered editions. Irrespective of the artistic photo of space you choose, rest assured that it will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Feel free to explore our galleries to discover the finest photos of space at YellowKorner, such as Moon View 1 by Jukka Pejja Metsavainio and many more. All of our space photos are available in different formats and finishes, on yellowkorner.com and in galleries.

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