Now waxing, now a dazzling full moon, Earth’s satellite is never very far from view. The magic of the sky and the universe clearly fascinates photographers. Blue moon, red moon, or lunar eclipse, discover our large collection of photos of the Moon at YellowKorner.

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Photos of the Moon in All Its Forms

Who has never dreamed of an escapade to the Moon? Every night, all eyes rise to thesky, towards this satellite at once so near and so far, which lights our way. Artists seek to capture its light, forms, and patterns through their lenses. And to do so, they need very special lenses! Lunar photography requires a high-quality camera, as does photographing stars, clouds , the sky, and the Milky Way. To obtain sharp images, without any digital noise, avoiding light pollution, it is first necessary to have waited for hours for the right lunar phases. But, naturally, nothing stops those with true passion: the photographers who would be ready for anything to capture the magic moment.

 Many elements are required to photograph the moon: you need a night sky or a dark sky, to glimpse a well-defined lunar disc, to obtain a full moon in a photo. Sometimes you have to try different shots, to obtain full moons, or realistic photos of the Moon against a black background. The distance of certain photographs provides various perspectives over planet Earth, or of the moon in its myriad variations.

Find Out More About Our Expert Lunar Photographers

Jean-Marc Lecleire is one of these passionate artists. An optics professional, he masters and creates beautiful photos of the Moon. He even designs glasses and telescopes enabling him to capture the Moon like none other. When facing his images, it’s as though all you need to do is stretch out your arm to touch the cherished satellite. Within a decor, his variants of the Moon, at each phase of rotation of the Earth, are an incredible plunge into orbit. Lunar photographers are often big dreamers, like Andrew McCarthy who would love, one day, to be able to go to the Moon to capture, this time, the image of the Earth. In the meantime, he creates fabulous images of the red Moon, or surrounded by mist and cloud. It approaches you from space with all kinds of magic, since colour sneaks into his shots.

Discover the YellowKorner selection of Moon photographs and you will see it in all situations: moonlight by the sea or waning Moon, photograph of nature inundated with moonlight, red Moon and crescent moons… The talented YellowKorner photographers immortalise the beauty of this star of the night, transforming it into fascinating and hypnotising works of art.  

Discover the original collection of numbered limited editions by YellowKorner and allow yourself to be soothed by the poetry of the Moon. You will also be seduced by Pete Conrad’s beautiful moon shots: the American astronaut who takes us along with him as he steps on the Moon. Our works of art are available in various dimensions and finishes.

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