Irreproachable technique, as well as prodigious use of lighting and digital processing: these are the ingredients behind the captivating work of Italian artist Alessandro Risuleo. Born in Rome in 1971, from a very young age he cultivated an interest in visual communication systems and advertising in particular. Unsurprisingly, he created his own communication agency, Visual Creative Studio, assuming the roles of artistic director and advertising director. While celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his agency, Alessandro Risuleo rediscovered photography as an artistic medium. Overcome by a whole new sense of creative freedom, the ad man took pains to break away from existing codes. Very soon, his talent came to the fore and his artist’s soul awakened. Today, Alessandro Risuleo shows his work in the biggest cities worldwide. Rome, Milan, New York, Sao Paulo, Luxemburg, Lishui… From pictorial abstraction to hyperrealism, he prolifically produces breathtaking artworks.  ... See more See less