luis mariano gonzalez

The Explosion

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A kind of one-man-band, Luis Mariano González very quickly entered the film world. First as a critic, then as a writer and audiovisual programme advisor for television channels, and finally as the director of the Festival de Cinéma de Alcalá de Henares / Community of Madrid (ALCINE). At the same time, he worked on a macrophotographic œuvre, focusing on nature and landscape. The Spanish artist thus reappropriates plant forms and colours, removing them from their initial environment in order to obtain a new and mysterious subjectivity.


This artist's love for visual art does not stop at photography. Since 1998, he has been the director and member of the Alcala Henares film festival. The artist is known for his film reviews and for the articles he writes on his blog at the Huffington Post, which allow him to highlight the work of photographers present on the internet.

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