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When he was a teenager, Olivier Lavielle travelled along the legendary Route 66 with his parents. This cinephile came back from his road trip with a head brimming with images. Even today, Olivier Lavielle follows the path of all those who have headed westwards. All along the route, in the service stations, or abandoned on the verges, he stops to take photographs of mythical automobiles and planes with gleaming chrome bodywork: testaments to an amazing era. Parked on a sidewalk in front of a suburban home sits a magnificent American car, like something out of an episode of The Dukes of Hazard! On closer inspection, it is more than just a car, becoming the symbol of an era... We are propelled into the heart of the seventies, afro haircuts, leather jackets, and flared pants. A radio on a sidewalk inundates the street with an R&B sound, with a few young people hanging out in an adjacent alleyway... There it is, in all its glory: the Funky Car!

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