corentin sauvage


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Shanghai, Chine, Asie

"Portrait of two Buddhist monks with rosary, bell and slit drum. Their pose immediately inspired me to think of the men from the Congo who are called "sapeur". So, I imagined these two Chinese monks taking part in a fictional sapeur competition that would take place in Kinshasa. And I must say that I am not a little proud of their appearance. They would, I think, have every chance of finishing well ranked, as one does not expect to see Asian people competing in such an event!”

Corentin Sauvage

About the artwork

After years spent travelling across the globe, Corentin Sauvage is now travelling through time. He digitally reworks photographic glass plates that have been previously digitised and are rights-free. The possibilities are therefore endless. He starts by giving them colour, then alters the narrative. Popular brands, street art, advertising… Everything around him is capable of becoming the focal point of his creations. Finally, he sometimes add fish, symbols of the city swarming that surrounds his subjects.


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